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Quality galvanic
plating for special treatments

For fifty years, Galvanotec has represented absolute excellence in galvanic plating, aimed at the precision finishing of precious metals, such as gold and silver but also of bronze, brass and zamak alloys.

The uniqueness of the production process, the quality and customization of workmanship together with the attention paid to customer needs, make Galvanotec a reliable partner for many prestigious fashion, fountain pen and eyewear brands, as well as for the jewelry industry.

A corporate path
marked by evolution

Started in the early Seventies, Galvanotec’s history tells of a family-owned company that has grown and evolved over time, maximizing the value of innovation. The electroplating facilities were upgraded in the Nineties by a modern production unit for the manufacturing of refined electroformed jewelry and components.

High-level staff training and constant teamwork, along with sustained improvement of processes and facilities, represent the hub of the company’s business activity, that distinguishes itself by its strict compliance with safety and environmental sustainability regulations.

A close eye kept
on current trends

At Galvanotec, evolving needs related to fast-changing markets merge experience and know-how to successfully meet diverse demands for innovative products and finishes.

A flexibility also made possible by Galvanotec’s in-house, advanced Analysis Laboratory and by its collaboration with qualified Analysis Centers.

Constantly engaged in
providing cutting-edge solutions

Exchanging ideas with the customer, sharing objectives and identifying the tools to be deployed in their attainment, are part of a highly personalized path: in fact, each manufacturing process is agreed upon with the client and structured according to his specific requirements, to then be followed by stringent quality controls.

Furthermore, all plating treatments performed are stored in digital files, ensuring perfect repeatability.

Durable bonds
built to last

Galvanotec represents the ideal partner for those seeking high quality and precision galvanic plating processes, resulting from a service that accompanies the client from the initial idea through to the end product.

The company’s completely in-house manufacturing process allows for sustained quality control throughout all steps involved in finishing or gold-silver manufacturing, benefiting the reliability of the result and its repeatability.

A service spreading worldwide

From Europe through to the Middle East and the United States, Galvanotec is a main presence at all major trade fairs.

The company, thanks to its dynamic and flexible management of requests and specific technical expertise, is recognized internationally as a trusted partner for the successful achievement of set goals.

From high fashion to jewelry:
that special Galvanotec touch


Finishing processes are carried out on the following metals:





Two-tone coating

Yellow and rose gold plating


Ultra-black ruthenium




Nickel-free coatings

Anti-tarnish coatings

Cataphoretic coatings





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